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Invest Mining is a network of focal points, consisting of representatives of agencies, public institutions and private entities, which aims to promote conditions to favor mining financing in Brazil, contributing to the expansion and diversification of mining production and enabling a larger number of companies to operate in the industry by promoting a culture of investment in mining and raising funds in capital markets.

How does invest mining operate?

Invest Mining consists of a group of representative business entities, public institutions, financing agents and regulators willing to exchange experiences on a voluntary basis, in addition to sharing best practices and contributing to developing the mining business environment.

The idea is to propose regulatory improvements and present to companies minimum governance and sustainability standards, capable of attracting and raising the application of funds and investment in mining ventures, minimizing financial risks in the mining industry and mobilizing traditional or innovative financing mechanisms to support sustainable mining projects in Brazil.

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Regulatory and process improvement
Financing mechanisms
Invest Mining in Mining
Carbon neutralization commitments and projects
Financing and
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Events to promote Invest Mining
SDG program in mining
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Portfolio of research and innovation projects
Portfolio of development projects
Portfolio of mining research projects
Events for project presentations
Regulatory and process improvement
Events to promote the network
Regulatory and legislative improvement (MME/ANM)
Capital markets regulatory improvement (CVM)
Strengthening the culture of banks and managers
Financing mechanisms
Dissemination of available funding mechanisms
New mechanisms
Stock exchange
Sharing of structured financing experiences
Access channel to financiers

Sharing experiences
makes the difference

Network and invited members will work on the development of specific studies and action strategies to create financing alternatives and mechanisms for the Brazilian mining activity according to its potential.

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Who is already part of the network

Effective Members, private entities representing the industry, such as ABPM, ADIMB, BCCC and IBRAM, and financial institutions.

Invited Members, public bodies and entities, such as ANM, BNDES and MME.

Our objectives

To promote a culture of investing in mining and mechanisms for raising funds in the capital markets;
To subsidize the formulation of public policies for the development of mining, especially with regard to access to credit and other financing sources;
To contribute in order that legislation provides a safe and sustainable business environment focused on the attractiveness of the industry;
To contribute to the evaluation and dissemination of financing mechanisms used in mining;
To encourage and contribute to the structuring, organization and availability of data and information on the financing of the mining activity
To encourage and promote studies, diagnoses and evaluations on the financing of mining in Brazil;
To contribute to bringing mining companies closer to good corporate governance and sustainability practices, with special attention to financing access;
To identify problems, resolve doubts and build solutions

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